President of HSK Design Inc

Meet Serouj President of HSK Design Inc. Serouj was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. While being inspired from the city he grew up in, most of his passion towards architecture grew from a young age from his travels to Europe and the Middle East. He decided to turn this passion into a career and completed his Undergraduate Degree in Architectural Sciences, followed by achieving a Masters Degree in Architecture at Ryerson University. One of Serouj’s favored aspects of architecture has been creating custom homes where he sees his clients’ visions being transformed into livable spaces [allowing for a house to turn into a home].


Vice President at HSK Design Inc

Meet Tomor. Born in Mongolia, yet raised on both sides of the world. His inspiration for architecture was sparked from an early age upon experiencing different human living environments in both eastern and the western cultures. Tomor believes that the appreciation of architecture can only be achieved through an immersive experience. This has led him to focus on architectural visualization. He hopes to develop and be a part of more advanced technologies to enable our schematics to come to life.